Employer Relations and Working Conditions

multigroupsmallIn this section we present the data about the relations between immigrant care workers, their co-workers and their employers, as well as their employment status and working conditions. We begin by discussing the influence of the immigration status of immigrant care workers on their working conditions.

We then address the issue of the challenges immigrant care workers pose for employers in home and long term care and their impact on staff relations. Subsequently, we describe how the care setting in which immigrant care workers are employed affect their employment conditions and in turn how this influences the retention of these workers.

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1 Summary 2357
2 Work-Life Balance among Immigrant Care Workers 3088
3 Impact of Care Setting on Relations and Conditions of Work 2828
4 Relations with Co-Workers 3305
5 Challenges of Employing Immigrant Care Workers 3379
6 Immigration Status, Working Conditions & Employer Relations 2913
7 Working Conditions of Immigrant Care Workers & Relations With Employers 1741