Executive Summary

immigrationThe Role of Immigrant Care Workers in an Aging Society: The Canadian Context & Experience

The aim of this research was to address some of the important gaps in our knowledge about the role of immigrant care workers in the care of older adults in the home and long term care sectors in Canada, with the broader intention of providing comparative data to the situations in the U.K., Ireland and the U.S.

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1 Conclusion and Policy Implications 2152
2 Relations with Older Persons and Quality of Care 2148
3 Working Conditions and Employer Relations 3635
4 The Migration Recruitment of Immigrant Care Workers 3309
5 Migration and Integration Policy 3547
6 Projecting Canada's Elder-Care Workforce Needs 3750
7 The Provision of Health Care for Older People in Canada 3991
8 Care Work in the Context of Aging Societies 3478