Migración de Profesionales de la Salud entre América Latina y Europa: Creación de Oportunidades para el desarrollo compartido Print E-mail

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The rising number of professional migrations is a complex phenomenon that is generating increased attention since, while it undoubtedly has a positive side, it also tends to generate imbalances in the access to services in the home country’s own health care system.

The aim of this action is to reinforce efforts on both sides of the Atlantic to develop greater efficiency in managing the migratory flows of doctors and nurses between the Iberoamerican Region and the European Union. Activities are based on recognizing the importance of:

  • Respect for individual and collective rights
  • The search for self-sufficiency in production
  • Promoting the idea of retaining professionals as a strategy to improve professionals’ work conditions
  • Added value of professional circulation
  • The need to ensure the involvement of related sectors such as ministries, cooperation and development agencies, professionals, unions, the media, etc.
  • Work methods based on participation
  • The need for consensus-building

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Characterize the situation of health professionals’ migratory flows (medicine and nursing) within Latin America and toward the European Union.
  • Review on-going bi- and multilateral experiences and design a proposal to guide health workers’ movements on the basis of migration management so as to generate beneficial effects to the people and health systems involved, in both source and receptor countries.
  • Prepare a consensus proposal based on international dialogues on good practices in human resources for health.
  • Prepare a consensus proposal based on an international dialogue on the role that Agencies of
  • Cooperation for Development may play in the execution of migration policies with this orientation.
  • Evaluate and systematize the experience and identify lessons learned for replication and expansion to other geographical spaces.


  • Situation characterized and information system designed by consensus.
  • A monitoring system operating and available on the www.
  • Edition of a report on good practices in managing the migration of health care workers.
  • Methodological guide on consensus-based human resources planning.
  • Design and organization of training activities for regional units responsible for managing human resources in health.
  • Organization of 2 regional workshops.
  • Consensus-based document on priorities and strategies in international cooperation to manage migration and produce a positive, bi-directional positive impact.
  • Proposal to replicate and extend to others a strategy based on the lessons learned and designed.


Source: Migraciones Profesionales Desarrollo Compartido

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