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oha-2As you may be aware, the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), in partnership with the Nursing Health Services Research Unit (NHRSU) at McMaster University, developed resources to help Ontario's hospital employers successfully recruit and integrate highly skilled internationally educated nurses into their organizations. The website housing the resources,, was launched in November 2011, and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

In the proposal writing stage, five Ontario hospitals of varying sizes, types, and from various locations were selected to provide feedback. A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was established to provide expert advice on the design of the research methodology, the communication strategy, and the development of the guidelines contained in the online and print-based guides for employers.

During the research phase, input from employers and other key stakeholders across the province, was gathered through a literature review, surveys, interviews and a series of think tank workshops held in Toronto, London and Ottawa. Information gathered was used to finalize the online and print employer guide.

The online guide is currently hosted on the OHA's website

Demonstration/ Field-Testing Workshops

Toronto October 25
Niagara October 26
Ottawa November 26
Windsor November 30


The objective of these workshops is to provide healthcare employers with strategies they can use to help them recruit, retain, and successfully integrate IENs into their workforce.

Keynote speakers include

  • Dr. Andrea Baumann (McMaster, NHRSU),
  • Dr. Mabel Hunsberger (McMaster, NHRSU),
  • Ruth Lee (Hamilton Health Sciences),
  • Daniela Dijmarescu (Hamilton Health Sciences),
  • Ella Ferris (St. Michael's Hospital), and
  • Zubeida Ramji (CARE).

Immigration and labor market trends, mentorship models, community supports and innovative practices are some of the exciting topics that will be discussed. Another key part of the workshops is the evaluation and field-testing of the online and print-based guides and specific practices identified within these guides.

If you have any questions or require more information about the project, please contact:

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