Section 6: Recommendations for Moving Forward

To better map out a way forward, we asked our participants to suggest recommendations for changes to key policies or programs. Most of these relate directly to the barriers and facilitators we discussed in the previous two sections (see Table 5.1), but some address issues which were not identified. Similar to what we outlined for the barriers and facilitators, some of the recommended changes are profession-specific, and some cut across professional boundaries.

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1 Section 6: Recommendations for Moving Forward 1445
2 Improve Access to Profession-Specific Language Training 2041
3 Help Address Financial Difficulties through Multiple Routes 1432
4 Improve Access to Clear and Concise Information about Integration Processes 1976
5 Improve Transparency, Reduce Bureaucracy & Address Policy Gaps 1714
6 Better Connection of HHR Supply and Demand to Achieve Self Sufficiency 1599
7 Increase Opportunities to Gain Cultural Competence 1826
8 IMG Specific Recommendations for Access to Residency Positions 1852
9 IEN Specific Recommendations for a Competency-Based Approach 1549
10 ITM Specific Recommendations for Building Greater Integration Capacity 1455