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oha-2Addressing the Challenges of Workforce Integration

Given the aging nursing workforce, effective management of IEN recruitment, retention and integration is a priority. Nurses are the largest health care profession in the province and currently, one in ten nurses in Ontario is an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN). However, many IENs living in Ontario do not work in their profession. Almost 300 foreign-trained nurses arrive in Canada each year with most settling in Ontario. Once these nurses have obtained the qualifications and skills to be eligible for employment, employers can reach out to them but employers need to know how to integrate them into their workforce in a way that effectively ensures that their skills contribute to organizational productivity.

To counteract "brain waste", researchers in McMaster University's Nursing Health Services Research Unit (NHSRU) together with the Ontario Hospital Association have developed a unique web-based resource, to help hospitals and health care facilities overcome barriers in the integration of internationally educated nurses (IENs) into the workforce.

Internationally Educated Nurses: An Employer's Guide located at:

On this site you will find a wealth of information, including:

  • the advantages of hiring IENs,
  • creating a harmonious workforce,
  • useful resources and success stories from individuals and organizations.


Source: OHA

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