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dr raywat deonandenDr. Raywat Deonandan is an epidemiologist, author, journalist and global health specialist. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and formerly the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Canadian federal agency, Assisted Human Reproduction Canada. The 2000 recipient of the national book award of the nation of Guyana, Dr Deonandan seeks to incorporate genuine interdisciplinarity into his work in the health sciences, exploring seemingly disparate, but somehow interrelated, topics in global disease burden, literature, art, ethics, law and social policy. Dr Deonandan currently sits on the Boards of Directors of both Harbourfront Centre (in Toronto) and the Canadian Society for Epidemiology & Biostatistics (CSEB), and is the Editor of the CSEB's national newsletter.


Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa

Recent Publication

  • Deonandan, R, Schachter, H, Ly, M, Girardi, A, Lacroix, D, Moore, C, Barrowman, N, Abdulkadir, I. (2012). "An Approach to Comparing Nations for Inclusion of Studies in Health-based Systematic Literature Reviews." The Internet Journal of Epidemiology. Volume 10 Number 2
  • Deonandan, R, Jinha, A, Benovoy, J, Meilleur Sarazin, M, Doswell, J. (2012). "A Pilot Study for Case-Based Learning Among Undergraduate Students in Global Health." The Internet Journal of Medical Education. Volume 2 Number 2
  • Deonandan, R. (2012). "Implications of India's Skewed Sex Ratio." The Internet Journal of Public Health. Volume 2 Issue 1
  • Deonandan, R. (2012). "The Killing of bin Laden and the Undermining of Public Health". The Internet Journal of Public Health. Volume 2 Issue 1
  • Deonandan, R, Stanley, C, El-Hindi, T. (2012). "The Arab Uprising: Indicators of Female Health, Development and Empowerment." The Internet Journal of World Health and Societal Politics. Volume 7 Issue 2
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