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dr allison squires"Dr. Allison Squires is an assistant professor and Deputy Director of International Education and Visiting Scholars at NYU College of Nursing. Her mixed-methods research (emphasis on qualitative methods) focuses on the global policy issues of healthcare human resources development, with a specific interest in how to address the challenges present in developing countries. This line of research involves work at the community level with community health workers, to the organizational level with comparative country studies about the work environment of nurses, to broader macro-level policy issues involving trade in health services and international migration of nurses. Dr. Squires' main region of interest is Latin America and the Caribbean, but she participates in or served as a co-principal investigator in healthcare workforce studies in 28 countries. She has active studies in Mexico, Ghana, and Tanzania at present. Dr. Squires also works with the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, DC as an expert consultant in international nurse migration."


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