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dr nicola yeates"Nicola Yeates is Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Social Policy and Criminology at the Open University, Milton Keynes, in the UK. She has published widely on issues of gender and migration in relation to health, social care and social protection policy across diverse country settings and spheres of cross-border governance. She is author or editor of seven books, including 'Globalizing care economies and migrant workers: explorations in global care chains' (Palgrave, 2009), 'World-regional social policy and global governance: new research and policy agendas in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America' (Routledge, 2010; (with B.Deacon, L. van Langenhove and M.Macovei) and 'The Global Social Policy Reader' (with C.Holden; The Policy Press, 2009). She has acted as advisor or consultant to the World Bank, UNRISD and UNESCO. She was a principal Editor of 'Global Social Policy: journal of public policy and social development', Sage, from 2005-2010, is a member of the International Advisory Board of 'Translocations: Irish Migration, 'Race' and Social Transformations Review', Dublin City University, Ireland, and is Vice-Chair of the UK Social Policy Association."

Recent Publication

  • Nicola Yeates (2011) 'What's in a chain? On relationality, circulation, agency and multiplicity in global care chain analysis', paper to seminar 'Transnational families, migration and kin-work'. Universit√© catholique de Louvain, Belgium 24-25 October 2011
  • Nicola Yeates (2011) 'Bringing gendered transnational labourers and households into commodity chain analysis: a global care chains perspective', paper to Colloquium on 'Gender, Households, and Global Commodity Chains', Binghamton, New York, 14-15 October 2011
  • Nicola Yeates (2011) 'Ireland's contributions to the global health care crisis', chapter 3, pp. 35-50, in Bryan Fanning and Ronaldo Munck (eds.)Globalisation, migration and social transformation: Ireland in Europe and the World. Farnham: Ashgate.
  • Nicola Yeates (2010) The globalisation of paid care labour migration: policy issues, approaches and responses, International Labour Review, 149(4): 423-440.