The Migration Recruitment of Immigrant Care Workers
The Migration Recruitment of Immigrant Care Workers

Drawing upon data from the immigrant care worker interviews and the employer surveys, we address in this section issues regarding the migration and recruitment of immigrant care workers, including the role of recruitment agencies and informal networks. We begin by providing some background information about our immigrant care workers in terms of how they came to Canada, under what circumstances, and their current immigration status.

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1 Summary 1866
2 Effects of immigration policies on recruitment and retention 1486
3 Reasons for recruiting/employing migrant care workers 2235
4 Influences on employers’ demand for migrant care workers 1482
5 Employer recruitment processes 2672
6 The Role of Formal Organizations and Programs in Immigration and Recruitment of Immigrant Care Workers 2373
7 Immigrant Worker’s Decision to Enter the Elder Care Sector 1882
8 Immigrant Care Workers’ Decision to Migrate to Canada 4049
9 Introduction 1869