Turning the World Upside Down: The Search for Global Health in the 21st Century Print E-mail

It will be some time before we can look toward passing something truly comprehensive, said former Senator Tom Daschle as part of the Institutes Global Health Roundtable Series on Thursday. In the aftermath of the Democrats loss in the special election in Massachusetts, the future of US health care reform was on everybodys minds. The fear-mongers in this country won, Daschle continued, referring to reform opponents claims of death panels, government take-overs, and skyrocketing costs. I think Americans just cant accept that we arent the best, he said of the health care system. Daschle, who is now advising the administration on health care policy, went on to lambaste the congressional supermajority necessary to passing legislation. Contentious issues requiring a supermajority—from climate change to nuclear proliferation to health care—are increasingly going to make us less relevant, he lamented.

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